How your Body will Recover

Unwinding is a very important part of treatment and it only occurs with ABC. When the vertebra are adjusted your body is able to unwind itself to a more normal state. This is your body’s self-correcting mechanisms at play. Unwinding will occur quite often over the course of your treatment as your spine begins to change and remodel as the layers of dysfunction are removed. The unwinding process can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you have many layers of dysfunction. However, most of the time it is relatively pain-free. Your body will unwind to a certain point and then it can’t progress until the next adjustment,  it will then continue. Unwinding can sometimes dishearten patient’s as they are concerned that their problem is getting worse. It is important to remember that this is certainly not the case; the unwinding process may be uncomfortable but your spine is improving in function following every adjustment and unwind.

During the unwinding process it is important to follow the sitting, sleeping and standing rules otherwise the unwinding process can be more uncomfortable than it needs to be. You will also stunt progress and interfere with the treatment outcome and prognosis.

The graph above demonstrates the unwinding process.  Notice points A to H, these are the points at which you will unwind as you progress through your treatment journey. The unwinding process can be uncomfortable and can be mild at the beginning with more moderate discomfort later as you progress. As you can see, E – F is more of a drop than A – B and C – D, so you may experience greater unwinding discomfort in certain parts of your treatment than others. The unwinding process is under the control of the body and it is a self-correcting mechanism, therefore it can vary in intensity and frequency.