Headache & Migraine

Do you Suffer from a Chronic or Recurrent Headache?

If you suffer from a chronic headache or a migraine then you know that they can be very debilitating. There are several types of a headache or a migraine that can present, however, they are usually secondary to another problem. For example, the muscles in and around your head and neck can become strained due to postural abnormalities and they can then refer pain into the head. Some headaches and migraine are accompanied by aura (visual changes), neurological symptoms into the face and/or upper limb such as tingling or numbness and rarely similar symptoms in the lower limb. Unless a headache or a migraine is caused by an abnormality in the brain or upper spinal cord-brain stem (such as a tumour or neurological defect) then they are very treatable.

Spinal cord-brain stem tension can lead to a headache, migraine and ‘brain fog’. When you have brain fog you feel as if you can’t think clearly; you may even feel light-headed, dizzy or fuzzy. All of these symptoms usually occur along with a headache and migraine but they can also occur on their own. This suggests that there is far too much tension within your spinal cord-brain stem. Visit the brain fog, fuzzy head and fatigue page to read more about this.

Some people have massage or acupuncture to release tension within the muscles around the head and neck however this will only give temporary relief. The massage or acupuncture is only treating the secondary effects of a primary problem. The primary problem is actually vertebrae that have become stuck forward, leading to forward falling of the spine and head and increased tension within the spinal cord-brain stem and surrounding muscles. Unless these vertebrae are corrected, the problem will return and you will continue to have a headache and brain fog.

Treatment Options

There are several options for the treatment of a headache and migraine; it is important to reduce spinal cord-brain stem tension which will eliminate your headache or a migraine (and brain fog) relatively quickly. Please contact us if you would like to know more.