Brain Fog, Fuzzy Head & Fatigue

Are you not Thinking Clearly?

Do you suffer from brain fog/fuzzy head or fatigue (or even numbness/tingling)? Brain fog means that you may not be thinking clearly, or as well as you could and life through your eyes appears dull and hazy.

Brain fog/fuzzy head, fatigue and numbness/tingling can be due to multiple areas of a tethered spinal cord within the spinal canal. If you have areas of spinal cord tethering within the spinal canal then during normal day to day movement your brain stem-spinal cord becomes repetitively stretched; this then pulls on the brain stem and other areas of the spinal cord leading to adverse symptoms.

Dr Jeff Aberle explains more about this on the video below.

Treatment Options

As most types of brain fog and fatigue are a result of adverse mechanical brain stem-spinal cord tension, there are several ways to treat these problems by addressing the underlying spinal dysfunction which will leave you feeling alert, full of energy and the world around you bright and clear. Please contact us if you would like to know more.