Move and Feel Better

From inutero to birth and throughout life the body experiences masses of physical, chemical and emotional stress on a daily basis. Our body’s are very good at storing this stress until it can’t do it any further and it then breaks down into illness, pain or dysfunction. Some people can store these stresses longer than others but eventually, everyone’s body will circum to overload. Unless these stresses are reduced or eliminated and the body is able to heal then this overloading will continue to occur more and more over time, resulting in greater disability.

Have you ever noticed how a lot of people especially the elderly, look stooped (Hyperkyphotic), struggle to walk, have rounded shoulders, appear to be in a lot of discomfort and their head looks like it’s almost falling off their shoulders? Do you think this is normal or simply a part of the ageing process? Well, it’s not! Normal posture would be perfectly upright, shoulders back, chest open, breathing fully and looking comfortable and well – without any muscular effort!

Neil uses several techniques to achieve patient goals plus a unique technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) that produces amazing results in people from all walks of life. ABC is the most advanced and successful technique Neil has found to deal with even the most stubborn spinal or joint problem. No other form of treatment can promise to deliver what ABC can. The proof is in the outcome, give it a go and you will see and feel it for yourself. So, if you feel let down by your current treatment options then contact us for a chat.

The main reason people consult is to:

  • Relieve symptoms of injury or dysfunction
  • Correct underlying problems
  • Maximise their health and prevent dysfunction
  • Optimise their function as part of a healthy lifestyle